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Yeah, you read it right. That wasn’t a typo or a mistake. Yeah, sweet-faced, woman-next-door Gillian Sloan is a hooker. She fucks for money. She works at several legal brothels in Nevada and loves her job. “It’s exciting,” she said. “It’s something the people who know me would never expect.” Gillian likes that sort of thing–doing things that people would never expect her to do. Like posing for 40Something magazine and fucking at Gillian says the first time she hooked, she was nervous. Then, when she saw the size of the guy’s cock, she was absolutely terrified. “He was huge!” she said. “I think he had trouble getting girls to sleep with him more than once because his cock was so big, so he went to escorts. The first thing he had me do was suck his dick, and forget about my mouth. I could barely get my hand around it. But then I sucked him, and I could feel my pussy getting wetter. He slid right in, and it was great sex. Intense. It was a total adrenaline rush. I was hooked.” So to speak. “If you have to work for a living, you might as well enjoy what you’re doing,” Gillian said. “I love my job.” Her special techniques are on display at, where she sucks and fucks Lucas’s very big, black cock. “I love black cock. I love white cock. I love big cocks and small cocks,” Gillian said. “I’d say I’m a very lucky girl!”

See More of Gillian Sloan at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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All Alone With Lexi

All Alone With Lexi

It’s time for your private session with Lexi McCain, a 64-year-old divorcee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who has been getting a lot of cock over at our sister site, Lexi came to us courtesy of super-popular MILF Rita Daniels, who’s also in her 60s. They met on a swingers website and had done some swinging together when Rita asked Lexi if she’d be interested in modeling for us. Lexi was definitely interested.

“I like bad boys and confident men who are not afraid to approach me,” Lexi told us. “A little dangerous, mysterious. Men who ooze confidence. Add a big, wide smile and I’m wet!”

Lexi gets very wet in this video. She starts off wearing tight jeans and a colorful top that shows off her big tits. Her blonde hair is luxurious. Then she takes off her jeans and displays her long, curvy legs, asking, “You like what you see, don’t you?”

You’ll like what you see even more when Lexi exposes her tits then starts playing with her pussy. It’s a pussy that’s been getting a lot of action, both in our studio and in her personal life.

“I love telling guys that they’re about to fuck a porn star,” Lexi said. “How many men can say they’ve fucked a porn star?”

Thanks for steering her our way, Rita.

See More of Lexi McCain at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Here’s Connie McCoy, who has grownup children as well as a lot of friends and relatives who would be shocked to see her here, showing everything she’s got in a men’s magazine. The truth is, Connie is kind of shocked to see herself here, too. “It’s a rush to think I can still turn somebody on,” she said. “I feel like I have some kind of expiration date on my back.” Well, there is absolutely no expiration date on sexy, sensual, women-next-door like
Connie. “I enjoy the idea that there are so many men out there who are looking at my pictures and enjoying what they’re seeing,” she said. “It’s definitely a rush to know that men are fantasizing about me. I feel like at some
point, somebody’s going to come up to me and say, ‘Hey, lady, put your clothes on.’ But until they do, I’m going to enjoy this.”

Connie gets her feet behind her head, then reaches down with her wrinkled hands to spread her pussy. Not that it needs spreading. Connie‘s cunt is a gaper, and since it’s almost always wet, you can slide right in no matter how big your cock is. “Some guys probably look at my pussy and say, ‘She’s loose,'” Connie said. “Well, I have a lot of sex, but my pussy is very tight, even if it doesn’t look that way.” We told Connie that readers love her gaping pussy and she said, “You know, I would’ve thought just the opposite. But that’s what’s so great about being in 40Something. You love me for who I am.”

See More of Connie McCoy at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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The MILF-next-door takes the plunge!

The MILF-next-door takes the plunge!

40SOMETHING: Hi, Carolyn. Welcome to 40Something. It’s great to have you here. Now, don’t throw a shoe at me, but I’m going to ask you the question women hate: How old are you?

CAROLYN: I’m 55 years old, and I’m proud of my age.

40SOMETHING: You look amazing. You’re beautiful. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

CAROLYN: Well, I’m single. I’ve never been married. I live in Florida. I grew up in New York, so I went from the cold to the warm weather. I like the warm weather a lot better because you wear a lot less clothing, and I don’t like wearing a lot of clothing. It’s warm year-round, so I can be outdoors all the time. I love the outdoors.

40SOMETHING: You said you don’t like to wear a lot of clothing. What do you wear to go grocery shopping?

CAROLYN: To go grocery shopping or really any of my everyday activities, I might wear sandals and a little sundress. That’s about it.

40SOMETHING: Carolyn, is it okay if we get a bit personal?


40SOMETHING: You’re going to the grocery store. You’re wearing a sundress. Panties or no panties?

CAROLYN: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on the situation.

40SOMETHING: What’s the deciding factor when it comes to panties.

CAROLYN: It depends on how short the sundress is and where I’m going. If I’m going to the grocery store during the day when moms have kids with them, maybe yes. If I’m going to the mall, probably not. I don’t like wearing panties, so if I have my choice it’s usually no panties.

40SOMETHING: Now, Carolyn, the story of you coming to 40Something is very interesting. Can you tell it for us?

CAROLYN: Well, I got a call just a few weeks ago from someone in your studio saying they saw my photo on the Internet. I have done a tiny bit of modeling, but just your basic stuff like mainstream commercials for beauty products. I’ve done a couple of photo shoots for clothing, and that’s why my photo was on that website. So I got a call from someone in your studio asking if I might be interested in doing some adult modeling, and the more she told me about it, the more intrigued I became, and here I am!

40SOMETHING: So this is the first time you’re doing adult modeling?

CAROLYN: This is actually the first time I’ve done any nude modeling, in private amateur stuff. I have never, believe it or not, even gone skinny-dipping. Can you believe it?

40SOMETHING: Does anybody in your personal life know that you’re here?

CAROLYN: No. No one.

40SOMETHING: What would your friends say?

CAROLYN: They would not believe it. Most people who know me think that I am the all-American girl. Growing up, I had straight-As through school. I always did everything I was supposed to do. Followed the rules to a T. I’m very organized. I never cause trouble. I’m just a very mellow, easy-going person who is easy to overlook, to tell you the truth, and one of the reasons I decided to do this was because I felt the need to break the mold a little bit and doing something for myself that’s a little bit crazy. To me, this is a little bit crazy.

See More of Carolyn Khols at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Another day, another fantasy fulfilled

Another day, another fantasy fulfilled

“The first time I had sex, it was New Year’s Eve in a treehouse,” said Blair Sanders, a 49-year old divorcee who was born in New York and now lives in South Florida. “The second time I had sex? Don’t remember. But I’ll always remember this. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.” By “this,” Blair means getting naked in an international men’s magazine and getting her pussy pounded on our website. “I’m being a very bad girl, and I’m having a very good time!”

Blair likes the old-time TV show I Love Lucy, swimming and dogs. She’s into having her feet played with, enjoys eating pussy once in a while and says her perfect day would be spent on the beach. She’s a proud member of the Mile-High Club, and now she’s done something most women don’t do. “Hey, it’s their loss,” she said. And our gain.

See More of Blair Sanders at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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“With my dirty mind, anything can be sexy,” said Gianna, a stunner from Arizona (born in Florida) who has no sexual inhibitions. “I believe sex keeps you healthy, so I usually do it every day.” She did it the day she walked into our studio, sucking cock and getting fucked in her pussy and her asshole. She tells her stud, “Fuck me with your finger!” When he slides his cock into her butthole, she says, “Fuck my tight little ass.” When he cums, she moans, “Oh, I love that big sticky load.”

Gianna told us that she decided to pose for 40Something because “I want to get fucked by hung studs.” And that she did, getting her tight, lithe body fucked twice, the second time enjoying a creampie. But first, she went solo, and she turned that photo shoot into an adventure, too, tearing open her pantyhose so you guys could get a good look at her moist, experienced pussy. “I want to be as dirty and nasty as I can,” Gianna said. “When your recruiter asked me what I’ll do on camera, I told her, ‘I’ll do anything.’ Blow jobs? Love ’em. Cum in my pussy? Hey, that’s where it belongs! Anal? When I fuck a guy in my personal life, I always offer him the anal option.”

You don’t have to be a muscleman or look like a movie star to get into Gianna‘s pants, but you do need to make her laugh. “Funny guys get me every time,” she said. “I like guys who are easygoing and can laugh at themselves. Guys who aren’t stuck on their image. Sometimes when I laugh, I can feel my pussy getting wet.” And that’s the first step, but not the last step. “The next step is I take him home,” she said. “We watch some good girl-girl porn, and I suck his cock while he’s watching. And then, who knows? I’m open to any experience.” Gianna, we kinda already got that idea!

See More of Gianna Phoenix at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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“I’m never too tired to fuck!”

What’s Suz, a 50-year-old housewife from rural Georgia doing in 40Something magazine? “Well, my husband and I own an adult store, and we’re both swingers,” she said. “Does that answer your question?” Kind of. Got anything else, Suz? “I once had sex on deck during a booze cruise in Jamaica. The crew and a bunch of other people watched. I like to be watched.” Okay. That explains a lot. But it doesn’t quite explain everything. Yes, Suz is 50, and when we pointed out that she doesn’t look a day over 45, she said, “Thank you.” Then we said that since we can’t show a model’s I.D., readers might not believe she’s 50. “That’s okay,” Suz said. “They’re just gonna have to take my word for it. Besides, what woman lies about her age and makes herself older?” Suz enjoys power walking and cooking in her spare time, but she doesn’t have much spare time because “I’m either in the store or having sex. Working in the store gets me horny because there are so many horny guys around and I’m always around sex. So at night, I fuck away my horniness!” You can tell from these photos that Suz has a sexy body and a nice, pink pussy. What you can’t tell is that she’s one of the most down-to-Earth women you’ll ever meet. For example, during some down time in our studio, she offered to help out our staff with laundry and cleaning. We told her to relax. Take a load off her feet. We wanted to keep her fresh for the two fuck scenes she was shooting for “Don’t worry,” Suz said. “I’m never too tired to fuck!” At which point, Suz helped out our staff anyway, and then, eager as could be, walked into our studio to fuck a big-dicked black stud. “I’m not here for the money,” Suz said. “I’m here for the sex.”

See More of Suz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!


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Mid-Western Housewife

Mid-Western Housewife

Ruthie Hays is a mid-western housewife, but she’s not your typical mid-western housewife. “I would love to have a gangbang with 20 or more guys,” this 47-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa told us said.The thing is, when Ruthie says stuff like that, she doesn’t say it in a serious or sultry voice. She says it in a fun, playful way. Because that’s what Ruthie is: fun and playful. Especially when she’s horny. Which is almost all the time.

40SOMETHING: Well, I’m sitting here with your “Model Info” sheet, which we ask all the models to fill out, and when I read it, I said to myself, “I have to talk to this woman.” For example, we ask if you wear panties, and you said you never wear panties.

RUTHIE: Well, I am wearing panties right now, but just for you guys. Normally I never do.

40SOMETHING: It’s funny to hear you say that because you look like the woman next door, and you’re 47 years old and you live in Iowa. You’re five-feet-nine. You’re married. Your husband set this up. We asked, “Are you into any fetishes?” and you said no. But then we asked, “What are your sexual fantasies?” Do you remember what you wrote?

RUTHIE: A bukkake with, oh, 10 or 20 guys. Thirty if I could.

40SOMETHING: Have you ever done a bukkake?

RUTHIE: No. The most I’ve had was like eight guys, but they didn’t all cum on my face. Some of them wanted to cum on my pussy. There was fucking going on, and there’s no fucking in bukkake.

40SOMETHING: Is your fantasy for guys to cum on your face or for you to have sex with 20 guys?

RUTHIE: Cum on my face. I’d be in the middle, and they’d all be jerking off. I love cum. I like having it on my face. It makes me extra slutty or something, doesn’t it? For me, it makes it hotter and sluttier to have cum on my face and dripping down my chin, dripping down all over my tits.

40SOMETHING: And you like the slutty aspect of it.


40SOMETHING: Now, the gang bang. Will anal be involved?

RUTHIE: Yes. Ass, mouth, pussy. I have three holes, and I like them all filled, preferably at the same time.

40SOMETHING: What are the other guys doing during the gang bang when your three holes are occupied?

RUTHIE: I’ve had one gang bang where I was jacking off two guys on either side of me and one guy was in my mouth, one was in my pussy and another was in my ass. The other five were waiting their turn.

See More of Ruthie Hays at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Cute And Ass-Fucked

Cute And Ass-Fucked

Shannon West, looking very (should we say it?) cute in pink, lace lingerie and smiling wide, returns to for a very special event.

“I’m having anal sex today,” Shannon said, still smiling. “And when he’s finished fucking my ass, he’s going to bust his nut all over my face.”

Very nice. Very (shall we say it?) cute.

“Last time I was here, the guy came in my pussy,” she said. “That was fun, but this is naughtier.”

Shannon, who turns 52 in July, has a tiny ass but a very accommodating asshole. It’s important to make the distinction. Some people think that only big-assed women are into anal sex. Shannon proves that isn’t true.

“It felt good,” Shannon said of her anal encounter with her stud. “I could actually feel his cock bumping up against the wall of my pussy.”

Thanks for letting us know that, Shannon. That kind of info will be helpful later.

See More of Shannon West at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Hot face, big tits

Hot face, big tits

Last seen fucking in 40Something #201, Rita Daniels is back for a rare post-XXX solo appearance. Why? Because as MILFs go, they don’t come any sexier. And because Rita recently turned 60, and we thought this would be a good way to celebrate her birthday. And because, in all honesty, we never get tired of seeing this slutty MILF’s hot face, big tits and spread, bare pussy. You’ve probably already noticed that in these pictures, it’s laundry day at the Daniels household. But don’t worry. What little clothing she’s wearing won’t stay on long. Rita‘s DD-cup tits come out. “I love my tits, and every man I’ve been with loves them, too,” Rita said. “They’re nice and firm, and they look wonderful in clothes and feel great when you suck them.” Rita spreads her pussy and bends over to show off her fuckable ass. “I love having a hard cock in my cunt or my asshole,” Rita said. “I love to have my boyfriend put his finger in my ass and cunt while I use my vibrator on my clit while we’re watching videos on our computer. And, yes, I did say cunt. I think it’s a very sexy, naughty word. I love feeling warm cum in my juicy cunt.” To celebrate the big six-oh, Rita visited our studio and had her cunt and asshole fucked by Lucas Stone’s, big, thick, black cock. We weren’t sure she could take it, but she did. In fact, Lucas shot his load deep in Rita‘s asshole (of course, Rita let us watch it drip out), then worked up another load for her face. And, to make the birthday celebration complete, Rita had a three-way with two studs almost half her age.

See More of Rita Daniels at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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I’m from Vegas. When it comes to sex, I’m all-in!

I'm from Vegas. When it comes to sex, I'm all-in!

Sometimes, you just can’t tell about a girl. Take Jodi, for example. She was a virgin until prom night of her senior year in high school. That was 1982. Eighteen years old and never been fucked. “It was over before it started,” Jodi said, smiling at the memory.Now it’s 2011, Jodi is 46, and what is she doing? Bringing along her husband to join in a threesome with her and one of our studs. You’ve come a long way, baby!

Jodi describes herself as “happily married,” and we have reason to assume he would describe himself the same way. Jodi‘s D-cup tits and shaved pussy would make any man happy, as would her sexual appetite. We asked her about her sexual fantasies, and she said, “I’m living them right now.” We asked her to name her kinkiest sexual encounter and she said, “I never look back. It’s probably my next encounter.” Or maybe the one she had with her hubby and our stud, in which Jodi‘s hubby ate her pussy while Jodi sucked off the guy she had met five minutes earlier. They took turns fucking her pussy (Jodi sucking the cock that wasn’t in her cunt), but, as usual, hubby got to cum inside. Our stud shot his load all over Jodi‘s face, and Jodi gave ’em both a few more strokes to milk them dry.

We didn’t mention Jodi‘s long legs and fuckable ass, did we? Well, Jodi‘s got something for everyone, and she isn’t terribly picky, either. Don’t worry if you’re not hung like one of our studs. For Jodi, it’s the motion, not the meat, and she ain’t just trying to make you feel good. It’s cars that she likes big (“My dream car is a Hummer,” she said). “I keep myself in a constant state of sexual excitement throughout the day, but I usually wait to cum with a partner. And when I finally cum, it’s explosive!”

Jodi prefers men, but she says “there’s something soft and sexy about a woman’s touch, smell and taste. I love eating pussy, and I love having my pussy eaten by another woman. Women don’t eat pussy better than men. They eat it differently.” Maybe Jodi is being politically correct, maybe she isn’t, but we’re not asking anymore questions. “It’s amazing when you consider how late I started having sex, but I’m very sexual. I never wear panties if I can get away
with it. Same goes for bras. I love catching men staring at my hard nipples.” And she stares right back at their hard cocks. “I’ll go right after what I want. I’m from Vegas. When it comes to sex, I’m all-in!”

See More of Jodi West at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Sexed-up Stylist

Sexed-up Stylist

“I celebrated my 40th birthday by having a threesome,” said Blake James, a twice-divorced, sexed-up hair stylist from Arizona who just can’t get enough cock or pussy. “She’s 28. He’s 27. Dinner, cocktails, and then we went to the adult toy store and bought a double-dong. And then we fucked!” There’s pussy and then there’s cunt. Pussy seems like too sweet a word to describe the pink, juicy, thick-lipped fuck hole that Blake is spreading in these pictures. Blake has a c-u-n-t cunt, a tight, cock-gripping pleasure pit that’s built to squeeze the cock that’s fucking it and drain a pair of balls dry. When she’s fucking on camera, Blake looks down at the cock that’s plowing her cunt and wraps her legs behind her head so the dick can drill her overflowing cunt deeper. She feels his balls about to explode and demands, “I want that big load all over my tits.” She gets what she wants.

See More of Blake James at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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From Howard Stern To You…Hattie’s First Topless Photos!

From Howard Stern To You...Hattie's First Topless Photos!

Hattie shows her tits and a bit more for the first time in these photos, which definitely show the sexy side of a 74-year-old cougar who has a taste for young guys. Hattie starts out by looking very fuckable in that short, tight dress, then peels it off little by little, giving us a peek of cameltoe, then a teasing view between her legs, then proudly showing off her very nice tits. All-natural, by the way, just like the rest of Hattie.

“I like having my breasts sucked and lightly bitten,” Hattie told us. “I like a lot of foreplay.”

Hey, whatever you want, Hattie, you can have! Hattie is into swimming and SCUBA. She didn’t have sex until she was 21 (talk about making up for lost time!), when she asked a friend to help her get rid of her virginity. She says she once had sex on a plane under a blanket without anyone suspecting. Now that’s a trick!

These photos are sure to get a lot of attention around the Internet because of Hattie‘s international fame. So when you’re jacking to them, remember this: You’re jacking to someone famous. Enjoy!

See More of Hattie at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Categorically The Best MILF Porn

It is no secret that there are MILF out there who are craving boy-cock like mad. The world is littered with these hot-taco sluts and if you arent getting a piece of the action there is something you can do about it.

Live vicariously through the rock-hard studs with a Pinup Files discount. You get unlimited access to over 20 years worth of busty model updates. But if they arent your cup of tea you can always find more big tits discounts over at

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