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Getting a look into the sex lives of real people always gives me a bit of a thrill. Outside of porn, we are taught that sex is private and it’s something to do behind closed doors. You never really know how naughty that sweet mom next door might actually be. With a membership to Wife Bucket, you’ll get that inside look and discover what naughty vixens every day women really are.

Use this 61% off discount to Wife Bucket and enjoy access to one of the largest collections of real amateur wives, swingers, orgies, real MILFs, and much more. There are nude selfies, homemade sex tapes, kinky encounters, and just about anything else you can think of.

When this site says it is large, it means it. You are looking at a library of over 7,430 videos and more than 319,500 pictures! There is an incredible amount of content here and it is getting bigger every day as more updates are made.

Wife Bucket has plenty to keep a person happy, but if you are feeling insatiable, here are more mature porn discounts.

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Creampie for the lonely housewife

Creampie for the lonely housewife

After meeting 43-year-old Jenny Mason in the video interview the other day, we wondered what kind of hardcore performer she’d be. You see, Jenny seemed a little nervous. But, having seen this video, we can now say that Jenny‘s the kind of woman who would rather fuck than talk. Nervous Jenny is gone in this scene, replaced by horny, cock-hungry Jenny. The phone rings. It’s Jenny‘s husband. He’s sending over an employee to pick up some files. “Love you,” Jenny says. Maybe, but when the employee shows up, Jenny gives him a glass of wine. Who does that? And she’s sitting there in a short skirt with her legs slightly spread so he can look up her dress while they talk about her husband. “I kinda get a little horny when he’s not here,” Jenny tells Asante. Who says that? He’s taken aback. “Horny is good,” he says. She starts rubbing his leg, then invites him to sit next to her. Before we know it, he’s eating her pussy. “Ah, lick that pussy,” Jenny says. Then he’s standing over Jenny and fucking her face. Ah, fuck that face, Asante. And she’s making loud, sucking sounds. Ah, slut it up, Jenny! Since you’re probably wondering, this scene ends with Asante shooting his load inside Jenny‘s pussy. Love you?

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Audrey Maxx: Pool Hustler, Cock Handler

Audrey Maxx: Pool Hustler, Cock Handler

Audrey, an exotic 40something with a husband and son at home, is out for a night on the town, showing off her sexy side. Audrey‘s playing pool with a couple of young guys, and they think they can hustle her. “If we beat you, you buy us drinks for the rest of the night,” one of them says. “And if you win, we’ll buy you a bottle.” “If I win, how about when I win…I’ll tell you what I want,” Audrey says. Well, two against one seems unfair, but much to the guys’ surprise, Audrey clears the table. “So, I get to tell you what I want now,” she says. “You’re two cute boys. I think I’d like to have you both at the same time.” They fill her mouth, they fill her pussy, doing much better with her fuck holes than they did with the holes on the pool table. She jacks both of them onto her face. Two against one? Unfair. Two on one? In Audrey‘s world, definitely fair.

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Work? Who Can Work When There’s A Milf To Ass-Fuck?

Work? Who Can Work When There's A Milf To Ass-Fuck?

“I’m going to be so late for work today,” says Juan, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Are you sure you don’t have time for a little back rub or massage,” 47-year-old Tori says, sidling up next to him, wearing sheer lingerie that makes her tits look really nice.

“I can’t,” Juan says. “If I had the time, I would.”

Well, Tori ignores him and starts massaging his shoulder, loosening him up. Hey, maybe he’s going to be even later for work, after all. It sure feels good to have a hot MILF working her hands all over your tense body and…hey, now what’s happening? Tori‘s taking off his shirt! And Juan isn’t resisting! How many fuckin’ jobs is this guy gonna lose because of his hot, older girlfriend?

“Do you think you could do me a little favor, honey?” Tori coos. “Think you can massage my ass for a little bit?”

Okay, now Juan’s really in trouble. When a MILF says she wants you to massage her ass, what she really means is she wants you to fuck it…after you stuff her mouth with your cock and fuck her pussy.

Note to members: Notice how pink Tori‘s pussy is. And enjoy the conclusion when Juan shoots his load in Tori‘s asshole.

No wonder America’s in the economic shitter! Women like Tori are keeping us from getting any work done!

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Cristy gets a facial

Cristy gets a facial

In this video, we see what happens when you’re a guy who’s lucky enough to encounter a hot wife with a generous husband. The husband is hardly a cuckold; he likes the idea that his wife is getting young cock. And the wife is hardly a slut or a tramp. She’s just doing what hot wives will do when they’re given a little bit of freedom.

So, Cristy Lynn, who is 43 and from Florida, offers Juan a cold beer, then she offers him her hot snatch, then she offers him her asshole, too. And what does Juan offer Cristy? A facial, that’s what. No, not the kind of facial she might get in one of those mall beauty salons. A cum facial. We don’t think they serve up those in the mall, although when women like Cristy are around, they might. After all, this is a lady who listed her hobby as “curling up in bed with my rabbit vibrator.” Hey, Cristy, does that little baby go up your ass, too?

“What do you think?” Cristy said.

And then, as an answer, she spread her asshole wide.

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Brandy Turns That Frown Upside Down

Brandy Turns That Frown Upside Down

Guy is sitting at a bar. Woe is he! He’s having a bad day when Brandy walks over to where he’s sitting. She’s wearing a short dress and a sexy top. This guy’s bad day is about to get a whole lot better.

“Is the drink helping any?” Brandy asks, smiling.

“Not at all,” the dude says, although he seems to be smiling some.

“Maybe I can make you feel better,” she says.

Right there? At the bar? She starts rubbing his crotch. Is she a hooker? Nope, she’s a MILF who loves picking up young guys and sucking their cocks. Fucking them, too, of course.

Now, you’re probably thinking that it’s impossible to fuck a chick on a bar stool.

And you would be wrong.

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Gianna’s Overstuffed Creampie

Gianna's Overstuffed Creampie

When this scene opens, Gianna Phoenix, a 42-year-old writer from Phoenix, Arizona, is teasing her stud and teasing us, too. She’s wearing a short, tiny dress, and she knows the effect she’s having on us.

“I know you want some of this, and I’m going to show it all to you,” Gianna says. “I know you want to take your cock and stick it right here, and I want you to give me all of it.” Meanwhile, our stud is salivating over her like a homeless man at Thanksgiving dinner and rubbing his cock through his pants.

“I’m getting so wet, so horny. I love it when you watch me,” Gianna says. “Do you want to see me take it all right now?”

She drapes her leg over her stud’s as he greedily paws her tits. Gianna has long legs that wrap well and a mouth that swallows almost all of her stud’s dick. Then there’s fucking, and when it’s time for Studly to cum, he shoots his load deep in her cunt, at which point she almost immediately pussy-farts it out. What a fucking white-hot mess she just made on the couch! Then Gianna flips over onto her back and licks the cum off her fingers, and still, drip-drip-drip. How much did this fucking guy cum? Gianna double-fingers her pussy, fishing for more cum, then licks it off her fingers again.

Anal the first time, a creampie this time. And that’s why Gianna Phoenix is a MILF slut. The best kind.

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