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Toni Sweets in Round and Brown video Tonis Sweet Pink

It is widely known that you cannot keep an ebony woman from that which she wants. If she wants a white cock she is going to get it. Plain and simple.

Toni Sweets is just such a horny black MILF and right now she is craving some white meat. Without a care about what the neighbors will say she pulled her threw her top to the side and pulled her bikini over exposing her ebony pussy to the pool boy. He just about shit himself when he saw her purple cunt meat staring back at him.

As you can probably figure out for yourself she ended up rubbing his nuts all over her hindquarters as he went balls deep into her treasure box.

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It’s amazing hot these moms are getting more and more horny each day that passes by. I was minding my own business on a vip sex blog when I came upon this crazy white mom holding in her hands two fat black cocks.

I was amazed because of the big wide smile she had on her face while she was holding them and the reason that I chose this photo…. well.. I guess that we can all agree that this one is more interesting. I mean… how far is a slut mom willing to go just to satisfy her sexual appetite? It’s clear that she is a nympho.

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Butthole In Training

Butthole In Training

This is the first anal scene (and second on-camera sex scene ever) for 55-year-old divorcee Ellie Anderson, and it starts out with a brief interview. Turns out that the guy who’s interviewing her is also the guy who’s going to fuck her.

“They told me you have a little surprise for me,” Lucas says, thinking that this is merely Ellie‘s first interracial scene and nothing more.

“Yes, I do,” Ellie says.

Ellie tells her that she’s from Poland and lived on the Baltic Sea. Now she lives in Portland, Oregon.

“Do you like surprises?” Ellie asks.

We like surprises that are encased in tight, short leather skirts.

Finally, Lucas removes Ellie‘s skirt and discovers her surprise…in her ass! It’s a butt plug! Ellie‘s asshole is in training!

“Did you put that in there for me?” Lucas asks.

“Yes. Do you like it?” Ellie says, a question that needs no answering.

So, while the butt-plug is secured firmly in her asshole, Ellie sucks cock, then she gets her pussy fucked, and then the butt plug comes out and Lucas’s cock goes in!

Surprise! Everyone cums!

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First Interracial, First Ass Fuck!

First Interracial, First Ass Fuck!

“I love eating pussy while getting my ass fucked,” 55-year-old divorcee Ellie Anderson said when she made her debut. Ellie doesn’t eat pussy in her encore scene, but she does get her ass fucked good and hard by a big, thick, black cock.

Ellie was born in Poland and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves the sexual freedom available to her in America.

“In Poland, the woman is supposed to be very subservient, and if she does the kind of things I like to do now, she would be looked upon as a whore,” Ellie said. “I am happy to be in the United States. I have learned as I have gotten older that nothing is taboo as long as you enjoy it and nobody gets hurt.”

Nobody gets hurt in this scene and everybody has a good time, especially Lucas, who enjoys some Polish pussy before stuffing his sausage in Ellie‘s warm mouth, and check out the photos of Ellie feasting on cock while a butt plug is jammed inside her about-to-be-fucked asshole. The butt plug loosens her up but good, and when she’s ready, Lucas slides his dick into her sphincter nice and slowly. And her asshole grips his cock like nobody’s business.

What does Ellie like most about anal sex?

“Having a cock in my ass!” she said.

Yep, it’s that simple.

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Yeah, you read it right. That wasn’t a typo or a mistake. Yeah, sweet-faced, woman-next-door Gillian Sloan is a hooker. She fucks for money. She works at several legal brothels in Nevada and loves her job. “It’s exciting,” she said. “It’s something the people who know me would never expect.” Gillian likes that sort of thing–doing things that people would never expect her to do. Like posing for 40Something magazine and fucking at Gillian says the first time she hooked, she was nervous. Then, when she saw the size of the guy’s cock, she was absolutely terrified. “He was huge!” she said. “I think he had trouble getting girls to sleep with him more than once because his cock was so big, so he went to escorts. The first thing he had me do was suck his dick, and forget about my mouth. I could barely get my hand around it. But then I sucked him, and I could feel my pussy getting wetter. He slid right in, and it was great sex. Intense. It was a total adrenaline rush. I was hooked.” So to speak. “If you have to work for a living, you might as well enjoy what you’re doing,” Gillian said. “I love my job.” Her special techniques are on display at, where she sucks and fucks Lucas’s very big, black cock. “I love black cock. I love white cock. I love big cocks and small cocks,” Gillian said. “I’d say I’m a very lucky girl!”

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Jenny Breaks Loose!

Jenny Breaks Loose!

Up until a few years ago, Jenny Mason was as inexperienced as any 40something woman you’d ever meet. She had had sex with exactly two men in her entire life: her husband and her ex-husband. Sure, she fantasized about other men (particularly one guy she flirted with at work), and her married sex life wasn’t exactly vanilla (she enjoyed anal sex), but Jenny was your typical Midwestern wife whose experiences were limited. And then…she discovered swinging. It was her husband’s idea. He asked her if it would be okay to invite his friend into their bed for a threesome. Jenny said, “Sure.” Since then, it’s been full-speed ahead for this 43-year-old from Central Indiana. “I’m very excited,” Jenny said of her first-ever pro hardcore photo shoot. “I’m not sure what to expect.” Well, she could have expected to have her pussy eaten. And her face fucked. And her pussy filled with Assante’s big, black cock. Maybe she didn’t know what a creampie was before she walked into our studio, but she does now. We love the genuine look of excitement on Jenny‘s face, the lustful look in her eyes, the expressions that say, “Can you believe I’m doing this?” Two years ago, Jenny herself would have said, “No way!”

See More of Jenny Mason at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Dena Kane is a gorgeous over 30 ebony tramp who certainly still has it when it comes to pounding. She is always in the mood for dirty milfs a bang, especially when she can get her hands on a huge dick black stud that will take her away to a land of passion and pleasure. Nathan Threat might be her son’s age, but this black milf doesn’t give a shit. She just wants to feel his chocolate black penis in her mocha sweet twat. She certainly has enough of a sex drive to make anyone want to pound her for hours and hours.

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There aren’t many black milfs on the market, at least not in porn land – but today we get to see an absolutely banging amazing black milf by the name of Sabrina Love. She just loves to be sassy on camera, especially when she can whip out her milf sex movies great big old natural tits and bounce them around. Byron Long appreciates every second of that, that’s for sure. His shlong is hard in an instant for this giant momma, and she take him to heights that he never thought that he would achieve. There’s a lot of hot ebony bbw momma pumping in this one.

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From Businesswoman To Slut: The Jackie Pierson Story

From Businesswoman To Slut: The Jackie Pierson Story

“My girlfriend and I were taking pictures one day, and we were just clowning around,” said 53-year-old Jackie Pierson, explaining how a nice girl like her ended up at a website like this. “We were in bathing suits, and she said, ‘Let’s try some sexy poses,’ so it started with that. And then she said, ‘How about if you take your shirt off?’ so it went back and forth, and then, she said, ‘Let’s email them someplace.’ There was an ad for The SCORE Group, and she said, ‘Let’s do it as a fluke,’ so we both emailed our pictures. That’s how it happened. But I thought, ‘Would someone want to see a woman over 50? Would someone want to see my naked body?'”

Of course, we all know the answer to that question, which brings us to Jackie‘s encore appearance at

Would someone want to see Jackie transform herself from businesswoman to slut in a matter of minutes?

Would someone want to see a hung, black stud shoot his load all over Jackie‘s beautiful face?

I think we all know the answer to those questions.

See More of Jackie Pierson at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Daphne Daniels and her jumbo boobs continue to amaze me every single day. These hooters are some of the biggest that I think I have ever seen, and when she starts playing with her nipples it just wows me. There is nothing like seeing those saucer sized nipples get bigger and bigger. She is a BBW, so if you don’t like your mature milf porn babes on the oversize side you better learn to appreciate them. Byron Long certainly does, and he knows that a phat rump black starlet certainly knows how to treat a brotha right. He is proved right in this one.

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Tiffany wanted nothing other than to flaunt her wares on a music video, and she was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen….or so she thought. Sure enough, by the time our meat missiles were lodged in her sultry catacombs, she was having second thoughts indeed! Cum see the pain and pleasure! See full-length episode at

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We got Morgan to come back to the "warehouse" with us because we told her that we had the perfect vibrating gift for her friends birthday present. She thought that we'd offered her a deep discount but what she ended up getting was a deep dicking. Talk about retail therapy, we had to take inventory this MILF had so many orgasms! See full-length episode at

[tags]Bigcock, Bigtits, Blowjob, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Threesome, Milf, Tattoo, Deep throat, Blonde, Shaved[/tags]

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